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What residents are saying

Survey of Residents

In November 2021, the SRC Residents' Council sent a questionnaire to all CCRC1 residents to solicit the residents' feelings regarding expansion at SRC. The following pdf files, posted by kind permission of Bev Lenihan, SRC Residents' Council President, give the report on the survey and its four appendices:

Report on the SRC Expansion Survey
Appendix 1, Detailed analysis of responses
Appendix 2, Responses by Residential Area
Appendix 3, Questionnaire and Attachments
Appendix 4, Residents' Comments Detail
  1. CCRC is an acronym meaning Continuing Care Retirement Community. These senior living communities are designed for individuals that want to remain in a single location throughout the remainder of their retirement years even as their care needs change. At the time of the survey, there were 247 CCRC residents living in SRC, 186 of whom lived in Independent Living accommodation.

Residents' comments to the Preserve SRC Campus group

We have received well over 100 message from Saratoga Retirement Community residents saying that they support the Alternative Plan. We give below a selection of the comments that the residents have made.
I support the Residents plan. It “preserves” the trees and park, a respect for nature that I admired when moving to SRC. It gives us a functional Health Center sooner (versus 10 years of construction.) It was designed by people who live here, not by a for profit organization. It adds features ignored by the PRS plan (putting buildings in vacant space versus covering architectural and natural elements we value). Therefore, I should think PRS would be relieved to have our input. We are the marketing experts who considered other venues before moving here. Thank you, Preserve SRC Group, for your formidable contribution.
Congratulations on a definitely improved SRC Expansion proposal.
The Residents’ Alternative plan is much better than the PRS' plan. It preserves our beautiful campus, while PRS’ plan will PERMANENTLY eliminate all the remaining green open space! Can we afford losing this precious little open space and the majestic mature trees? We need to think long term future of SRC. We have to be in a sustainable and competitive market, please do not short-change our unique characteristic campus. And we need to have a modernize, state-of-art skilled nursing facility to stay competitive. Alternative plan addresses all these problems.
We have lived here for only 6 weeks, and this was the first we saw of either plan — so thank you for your excellent presentation. It seems to us that preferring the Residents’ Alternative plan is a no-brainer, and we strongly support it — for the following reasons:
• It is far less intrusive; having fewer building sites means that the entire campus won’t be in turmoil endlessly.
• It makes use of the large footprint of the present Health Care Center, and it avoids doing major renovations while residents are living there (this could be us, and I can’t imagine that would be a pleasant experience).
• It preserves the bucolic atmosphere and open-air refuges by saving large trees and the historic park, and it ensures the visual impact of the iconic Manor, the unique centerpiece that sets this community apart from others.
• Importantly, the Residents' plan avoids creating the impression of an overbuilt campus, with buildings shoe-horned into every available free space—a visual turn-off that would be inevitable. Crowding also signifies caving in to monetary motives.
• Diminishing or destroying the rural charms of its suburban location would put SRC in competition with communities in urban settings—but without their benefits (walkable shopping, restaurants, etc.). That is a choice we made consciously. Thank you for your hard work, your thorough research, and your impressive solutions,
The PRS plan was put together by a group of people who don't live at SRC. They seem indifferent to the feelings of the residents and the reasons they chose SRC over other potential locations for their retirement years. To purposely set out to destroy the bucolic campus, which is consistent with the City of Saratoga's philosophy of rural living and the Odd Fellow's long history, is a strange approach for a responsible management company. The Residents' Alternative includes these factors in their plan and provide better results for SRC sustainability.
I am a new resident of the Saratoga Retirement Community (SRC) and chose to move here from my Saratoga home of 38 years partly because of the peaceful and beautiful campus that houses the residents. Saratoga calls itself The City of Trees and I am against removing 60 of those mature trees to accommodate an enlargement. In this time of global warming, we should be planting MORE trees to offset the increase in carbon that is chocking our atmosphere. I am also against putting a building in front of the historic manor building. It would spoil the views both looking outward and inward and ruin the stunning entrance to this campus.
I am totally in favor of the alternative proposal which the residents have come up with to preserve the beauty of this campus and it’s valuable trees. Please consider these points as you study the two proposals.
I support the Preserve plan. Well thought out and well presented.
I support the Residents’ Alternative plan, it is so much better.
(We) support the Resident's Alternative Plan, and we are not happy with the PRS plan. I attended the Zoom session and was very impressed with the thought and work put into this alternative plan by the group. Thank you for all of your effort.
I support the resident's alternative plan. It makes perfect sense.
I want to thank the people that worked on the Alternative plan for the development of SRC. I am all for this plan as it helps to keep us rural with open space.
Great Alternative Plan! Very well thought out! Thank you for your time in putting this together.
Yes, I enthusiastically support your alternative plan. The PRS plan is being built piecemeal because, I think, they are going to use the money we pay each year for funding. With interest rates so low, the money for the construction of the new Health Center could be borrowed at a very low rate.
Yes, I support the alternative plan, and I am firmly opposed to the PRS plan as presently presented.
I’m in favor of the expansion plans proposed by the residents committee. The plan proposed by PRS will ruin the appearance and destroy the open space of our wonderful campus and should not proceed.
Yes I support your plan and thank you for all of the work and planning you all have done. I think that even the city should be more in favor of the plan that you are proposing. It makes so much sense to do it this way.
We support the Preserve SRC Alternative Plan 100%
Yesterday’s “Preserve SRC” presentation was well done, very informative, and quite compelling.
I absolutely support the plan. Thank you for all the hard work and for the courage to develop the plan. It is very impressive and a much better alternative to PRS' plan.
Thank you for a compelling presentation and a well thought-out plan. The residents’ plan has many features that overcome major deficits in the PRS plan. Please count on my enthusiastic support.
I agree with new health center plan.
I thought your presentation was well done. You made some very good points regarding the Health Center and I like that there was more green space left......AND the bocce court was still there!!
I definitely support the alternative plan.
Yes, I support the alternative expansion plan as far as it has been described so far.
Yes,Yes, I approve of all the above. Save this beautiful campus.
I really do like your design and the positive approach you are taking toward an effective solution for the long term.
Your presentation was very very good; I compliment all of you and your work. I fully support your position for future expansion.
Bless you and thank you for the fight. PRS has the clout, money and control and have proven they will use it time and time again. Count the lawsuits and the acquisitions.
You are all to be greatly commended. For me the very best out come when the dust has settled would be to see the Memorial Park still a park: full of trees, greenery and no big buildings.
I was quite impressed with the alternative plan presented by the "PreserveSRC" group. All their research & diligence was evident. Combining that with the passion of existing residents makes a very, very strong case for the OFHC to consider!
God bless you for all that you have accomplished! We are ready to show up at the council meeting whenever that will occur!
A primary reason we chose SRC is its open beautiful campus. We have been here 3 plus months . . . and the Future Planning edict from PRS Oregon has undercut a primary reason for our selecting SRC. The first Zoom session I saw from PRS on their expansion plan was a full hour of PRS attacking what the residents have proposed. There was no mention of working together; they just attacked the proposal that has been offered by the residents.
PRS appears to be driving their plan down the residents’ throats
Thank you for the excellent presentation on Tuesday. Your efforts in creating the alternative plan and in organizing such a good presentation are much appreciated.
You guys are outstanding & a big Thank You. Thank you for the great presentation and all hard and important work you all put into the Residents’ Alternative Plan. The plan was well thought out in preserving our campus, localizing the construction area to the East side of campus, and locating the New Health Center close to the new entrance/exit. We will be at City Hall to support this plan and hope that City Hall gives this plan a good consideration versus the PRS plan.
I commend the effort of putting together the alternative plan. The alternative plan has many advantages and benefits to the residents and "mother nature". As a newbie at SRC I am missing quite a bit of info about the history of the issue. As it looks to me, PRS seemingly does not care much of the happiness of existing residents. (This may work against renting to new residents, as I assume not many of us will enthusiastically recommend a place that lost its character.)  Delaying building A by 7 years just delays the pain, but does not solve any of the environmental issues related to their original plan. As newcomers, we have been notified of the PRS plan but this does not mean we like it or accept it, as it changes the main attributes of SRC that attracted us to it.
Thanks for the informative presentation. We appreciate the time and effort your group has put into this project and, based on information currently available to us, prefer your plan to that of PRS.
Well done. Today's presentation was so interesting, clear and complete. The Alternative Plan has so many pluses and would save our campus. The PRS Plan shows no regard for the SRC residents and would ruin our campus. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
One of the reasons I came to live at SRC was its beautiful grounds. I had wanted to love the Terraces of Los Altos where my daughter has a home, but the campus was too small & bare. I opted to move further away from her because the SRC campus is so attractive. If SRC destroys our “green belt” so much will be lost — and we won’t attract the type of folks that make our current lives so enjoyable. The alternate plan seems a wonderful compromise — and in fact addresses & solves other concerning issues in a most reasonable way.
I think your plan is better than the PRS plan by far, but I still prefer no plan!!! Thank you for all your work.
We feel we have an excellent quality of life right now at SRC, which represents to us a standard which we compare anything else to. We have the freedom to enjoy walking around the campus, and to appreciate the views we have of the hillside and mountains in the distance, the elegance of the beautiful old Manor building, and the general park-like ambience of the campus. And of course the fun we have in joining our friends in Bocce games in the central park. We consider the existing central campus to be essential to the primary enjoyment of the residents and the open space feeling of SRC.
In contrast it is easy to define the damage to our quality of life if the central campus becomes a construction zone for several years. The noise and dust of construction vehicles, the security issues with trying to walk around with monster holes in the ground, traffic jams at the entrances, and parking hassles when competing with dozens of workers. This represents extensive affront to our quality of life. The concentration of any new construction to the eastern periphery of the campus would be an important mitigation to this assault to our senses.
I am grateful you were willing to do the research and spend the time to produce an excellent alternative expansion. If we can do anything to help, please call on us!!!
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